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 Right and wrong Placements of Mirrors as per Feng shui science

Right and wrong Placements of Mirrors as per Feng shui science

As per Feng Shui, mirrors come with some unique abilities. It is having the power to double or even multiply the propensity of energy level for an area. It will also reflect the incoming energy in the room and will disperse it to its surroundings. Wall mirrors need to be used in appropriate areas and that too very carefully to get the best advantage. Wrong placement can do negative impact on the well being of the residents of the house. Just like mirrors Sometimes, use of water features and some other objects need be treated in the same manner because it has common reflective properties. We are sharing some tips about Feng Shui mirrors placement.

Dining Space:  Ideal place for mirrors is in the dining room. As per feng shui dining space is the vault. Simple or Design Mirror will help in increasing the room size of house vault and owners ability to fill it with wealth. Compare it with your purse size and the amount of money you can hold in it. Do remember that the placement needs to be done in such a manner so that there is no reflection of water features, electric wires, poles as this may bring negativity in your life.

Kitchen: Ensure that there is no mirror in the kitchen as it will bring negative energy. You may ask how? Feng Shui is not in favor of mirrors in the kitchen. If it cans the double energy of any space, then for the kitchen it will magnify negative energies coming from the kitchen. For mirror facing any stove or fire element will increase Yang energies greatly.

Restroom and Bathroom: Restrooms and bathrooms are known for producing negative Qi. The reason is that it is the body waste disposing zone. If there is mirror facing such rooms, chances are high that negative Qi will grow and spread on other areas of the room.

Bedroom: Many like to have mirrors in the bedroom as the dressing sets are placed over there. In modern bedrooms, you will always find glam wall mirror. Always remember mirror shouldn’t be placed facing the bed. Experts believe that mirror which is facing or getting the reflection of bed can cause bad dreams and imperfect sexual life. Ensure you place it somewhere which is not getting the direct reflection in the mirror.

Mirror facing your Front Door: Many people prefer placing a wall decor mirror Phoenix near to the front door or even foyer. They do so for decorating the wall and also to give a final look before stepping out of the house. Experts say Qi which is entering the house will get reflected and again repelled right through the door. It is better to avoid mirror in such location.

Stairs: Rectangle mosaic mirror can be placed by the side of the walls of narrow stairs. In order to enhance fortune and abundance in life placing a mirror in such position for narrow stairs will support.

If you want feng shui complaint mirror placement in your house to seek expert's assistance. DecorShore wall decor store Phoenix is having the finest collection of mirrors to glam up the look of your interior.

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