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Ideas to decorate your home with decorative mirrors

Ideas to decorate your home with decorative mirrors

The wall decor mirror phoenix is decorative elements that originated in ancient times. Symbols of beauty and magic for their reflection have conquered the soul of humble and vanity alike. They were shaped as exempt elements, trained by their craftsmanship and over time they were changing their size as well as shape thanks to industrial development, extending their applications along with revolutionizing the world of interior design today.

Nowadays we can decorate with wall mirrors through large continuous mirrored surfaces or through freestanding pieces shaped with almost any imaginable shape. They have also returned the colored round mirror so fashionable in the 60s. 


Let's see some of the most common wall decor store phoenix options and also the most curious to decorate with wall mirrors Phoenix:


Mirrored walls

The decorative mirrors permit us to cover all types of flat wall surfaces, from pillars as well as partitions to fronts of kitchens as well as bathrooms, through whole walls or partial walls. This type of coating brings a lot of light to the room, although given its large area is advisable not to use smooth mirrors of large dimensions.

Large format

One of the most aesthetic ways to decorate with mirrors is to use large XL formats: Whether supported on the floor or hung along the length of a wall, whether they are framed in rich embossed silver or rustic wood, this type of mirror always they bring presence and elegance to any room where they go.

Behind the sofa

You can choose a large mirror, a game of two or create a grid with multiple of them behind the sofa.

Dressing the dining room

One of the most typical options when decorating with mirrors is to place them next to the dining room wall. And for the most original, why not use it on the table? Of course, when it comes to eating should not forget the tablecloth.

Reflective tables

Do you run away from the big mirrors but this material attracts you? Opt for a few mirror tables and you will see what originals are left in the bedroom decoration.

On the toilet

That you only want to give a little mirror-touch to the bedroom decoration? Just place a small one on the bedside table or the dresser and you will get a very cozy effect.

Decorating wall mounted mirror the entrance

Another of the most classic places to place a mirror is right at the entrance. Both to give us the final touch before leaving home and to welcome anyone who enters, the placement of a mirror on a console or on the landing of the entrance is the perfect complement to welcome us in all styles.

Mirrors for bathroom

Of course, the bathroom is the room of the house where the mirror is undoubtedly the king. An obligatory complement to make-up, shave or make us look good, bathroom mirrors whether small or large, simple or with integrated light, individual or even if you have a bathroom for two.


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