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Expert Tips To Choose The Right Mirror Wall Art For Your Home

Mirrors are not created to deliver a reflecting surface on a dressing table. The use of exotic mirror art is now witnessed in the finest interiors. Decorative mirrors not only accentuate your home’s interior but also make the other ornamental items dazzle. In fact, the ideal way to create an illusion of space is via hanging decorative mirrors on the wall of a living room. It will also add warmth and light up a room.

The prime concern while choosing a perfect mirror for interior decoration is the design. The manufacturers add new shapes and brilliant designs every season which makes it harder to find the best choice for your home. How can you make a brilliant decision? Follow the tips mentioned below and find the best mirrors for your home.

Expert tips to find the right decorative mirror

Adding a decorative mirror mosaic wall art on the wall of your living room will seek your expertise too. You will have to believe in your senses and find the right piece to add to your decor item list. Here is the list of tips to sharpen your skills and discover the ideal item to add.

Size and shape

The first factor is the dimension of a mirror. Deciding the dimension will need you to measure the space available to hang it. You will have to identify the right place to hang it. Measure the space you want to cover it with mirror art. Find out how much space on the wall you want to dedicate to the art. Do not make it clumsy or cluttered by covering a small space with a big mirror. 

Consider the furniture and the other decorative items around the proposed space. You will have to keep the features of all the decorative items in your mind while choosing a particular shape. Every ornamental item in your room needs to be under an even tone to add an aesthetic value to the interior decoration theme. For instance, if you want to keep a mirror behind a sofa, make sure that you consider the upholstery, cushion covers, side lamp, furniture dimension, etc. Do not go overboard by choosing a mirror bigger than your sofa or headboard of your bed.

Where can you keep or hang a mirror?

The first stage is to find an exquisite place to hang a mirror. There are eclectic places inside your living room or bedroom to hang a mirror mosaic wall art. Find the right location to hang a mirror in such a way that it becomes the center of attraction. You can either choose the space behind your bed or sofa. You can also keep a mirror on the fireplace mantel. 

The Mirror Art 101 tells us to hang it at least a foot above the furniture or fireplace. Make sure that your mirror does not surpass the furniture in dimensions. The thumb rule regarding the size and shape of a mirror art suggests buying round mirrors as it goes well with any abstract shape of furniture. The rounded shape brings evenness to the interior decor. All you have to do is to find the right design that pairs well with the rest of the items in a room. In this aspect, a round mosaic mirror is a prime choice for the modern households. A round mirror with a handmade mosaic design on the edge will be ideal. You can bring a brilliant color palette to your interior and make it a focal point.

Which wall to choose?

As per the leading interior designers, when you have decided to add a mirror art to your home’s interior decor, choose the right wall first. Apart from the other elements in a room, a wall is what you need to concentrate first and then proceed. The experts suggest concentrating on a neutral wall with no architectural detailing as such. The prime reason for choosing a common wall is the focus. Your mirror mosaic wall art will become the focal point of your room decor. On choosing a brilliantly-colored or textured wall, you will steal the thunder of your brilliant mirror art.

Always go for a neutral wall with a neutral color so that you can make your mirror art dazzle. Its features will be reflected even more and will create a unique aesthetic feel. You can also choose abstract shapes to make your room look extraordinary. Give your interior a twist of modern art by choosing a mosaic mirror.

Consider a theme

This pointer is for those who are willing to go through a decor makeover. Set a theme first to make a significant change that will bring evenness to your home’s interior. For this, you will need something elegant to focus on and create a perfect theme. This is where a mosaic wall decor sets in the right spot.

Mosaic mirror wall art will be the ideal item to fabricate a thematic plan for your interior makeover. The color palette of a mosaic mirror art will tell you what other things you need. These mirrors can fit into any minimalist or maximalist theme exceptionally. As per the experts, choosing a versatile mirror art as the focal point will make it easier for you to renovate your home’s interior decor.


Find the most suitable mosaic wall decor and set the right tone for your home’s interior decoration. Use these tips to find the right mirror art and make a worthy addition to the list of decorative items. 

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