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Here is How to Find The Right Wall Candle Holders

You might have seen the age-old candle holders hanged on the walls of an imperial palace. The exhibitions in a museum depict these candle sconces as the epic masterpieces that lit up a palatial room in the historic era. The concept is the same but the designs have gone through a lot of changes. As we have proceeded towards an advanced age, our homes got smaller and compact. The taste changed from what we have used back then. The sconces are formatted to match the modern era interior décor. These days, the wall candle holders are used as an interior ornamental item. Back then, they were a part and parcel of the home lighting system. You can also use them for lighting candles and transform your indoors in a brilliant way.

How to find the right candle wall holder?

There is no doubt that a candle sconce will impart more warmth in your room’s interior décor that a modern lighting system can’t. When chosen righteously, a candle sconce can be the best element of your decor theme. You can also use them to make room look warmer and romantic. Here is how you can find the best wall candle holder for your home.

The candles you like

The first point to consider is the candle type you prefer the most for transforming your room’s interior. Small candles can easily fit into any sconce but bigger candles will require sconces compatible with their size. Pillar candles will need a different kind of sconce. Taper candles or votives will need bigger sconces to accommodate and give your room the right feel. In order to enjoy more freedom, it is better to go with the open sconces or wall mounted candle holder. In this way, you can rest assured that any kind of candle will fit in. All you have to remember is the holder’s area where the candle’s base will rest.

Glass chimneys or without them?

Glass chimneys are given to make the setup safer and hazard-free. Make sure you choose a safer spot where you can hang the sconces. In most cases, the sconces come without chimneys these days as the style does not match with the contemporary themes. It is also better to go with the chimney-less candle holders you can hang on the walls as it is easier to clean them. One of the best candle wall sconces you will find these days is the mosaic metallic ones. These are absolute masterpieces you can mount on the walls of your rooms. The shiny mosaic surfaces will reflect the light of a candle and will literally light up the entire room. The colorful dazzling reflections will surely uplift the ambiance of your home. It can also be a decorative element you can add to your decor theme.

Size of candle sconces

It is similar to putting a frame or a metal wall art. The dimension of a wall candle sconce should be considered. A gigantic choice can only look great in a huge wall whereas the smaller choices will only go well in a restricted space. Whether you are choosing a sconce for your bedroom or living room, concentrate on the area available and decorative items present. This will help you to find out the modern candle wall sconces compatible with the interior decor.

Conclusion: Choosing a wall sconce candle holder will need you to follow the tips mentioned above. Start your quest by taking the measurements of wall space you are going to dedicate to the wall candle holders. Find out whether your preferred choices can fit into the allotted space. In this way, you can boost your home’s interior décor by adding metallic wall candle sconces.

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