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DecorShore Mosaic Wall Decor Collection

Unique Wall Decoration Ideas To Sparkle Your House

Interior decoration plays a vital role in enhancing the look and appeal of your house. Experts suggest unique ideas to give your house a different and unique appearance. Among various home decor ideas, wall mirrors are one of the most important and affordable ones.

There is hardly any house without having mirrors, and this justifies how important a mirror in our life. But many don’t understand how a mirror can change the appearance of your house if positioned correctly with a few accessories. Mirrors come in various sizes, designs, and shapes. Let’s check how a mirror can give a bizarre look to your house. 

Mirrors with plants

It sounds fantastic, and it is indeed. Opting for this idea will fulfill your love to grow plants indoors in a decorative way. Embellishing mirrors with plants can give a romantic and aesthetic look to your house. Select one wall of the house, which you want to create as the focal point, and hand the mirror of your choice. Put a shelf below the mirror and place some potted plants on it. Just see how beautiful the place looks. We will recommend choosing Thick a Frame Wall Mirror, Contemporary Mango Wood Ledge Frame Mirror if you want to create this look in your interior.

Round mirrors along with other interiors

Round wall mirror is famous among homeowners since the past. Almost every house hangs a round-shaped wall mirror. But here, you can make a twist to the decoration. Just place a rectangle painting or photo frame beside the mirror. Here the circular mirror has got a new look with these interiors beside it. For this, we suggest you choose a Handmade Crackled Glass Mosaic Accent Wall Mirror.

Get the natural light

Mirrors are not just for decorating the living room. It enhances the positive vibes in your house by reflecting the outside light. Hence, you need to place a mirror on the wall in the right place to reflect the light from the opposite direction. We suggest you buy 24" Fired Gold, Round Wall Mirror, Handmade Crackled Glass Mosaic Accent Wall Mirror.

Unframed mirrors

Don’t t always go with framed round mirrors. Placing a rectangular wall mirror can make your place heavenly. Your tiny kitchen also can get a charming look with an unframed mirror.  

Think of a gallery wall

A room can get an aesthetic look with a gallery wall. Place a mirror at the center of the gallery and decorate it with photographs around the mirror. Here mirror becomes the focal point and hence always select a unique-framed mirror. 

Make it big

If the ceiling is high, opting for a big rectangular mirror can be a good idea. This can give you and your family a feeling of the Victorian era. 

Golden touch

If you want to give a fancy touch to your wall decoration, choose a mirror with a golden frame. A golden-framed white wall will boost up the beauty of the living room. 

Mirror at the bedside

It is now time to give an oomph to your bedroom. A large rectangular mirror does not only beautifies the living room but also keeps your bedroom charming. 

Go for small

If space is a matter, place a small and sleek mirror on the wall. This is enough to give your small room extra enthusiasm. 

Mirrored door

Many opt for this interior to save space. Fix the mirror on the door and check how your room gets a fancy look.  

Metal-framed mirror

Your bathroom also needs a well-decorated mirror. Hence opt for a metal-framed mirror for your bathroom.

Vintage look

Many want their house to have a vintage look. Your idea to give your house a vintage look becomes comfortable with vintage mirrors. You can select a single or doubt vintage mirror to ensure the old-fashioned look. 

Apart from those, you can also opt for Sunburst Wall Mirror to enhance the loveliness of your house. Hence every homeowner needs to consider mirrors for boosting up the attractiveness of a house. One of the trusted online stores where you can get the finest range of mirrors at an affordable price with no compromise in quality is DecorShore. Visit the store to check the collection. 

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