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6 Amazing Ways To Style Your Space With Wall Mirrors

Revamping your home or office? Consider using wall mirrors to play with decor items, the secret weapon of many interior designers that make a space look classy and elegant. Whether you are creating for yourself or your people, mirrors are amazing versatile decor pieces that you can try to align in different ways and get different results. Want something for a prominent wall? Try a mosaic wall mirror. Want something unique for your hallway? Try a wall mirror. Want something to create illusions? Well! Why not wall mirrors. A gorgeous and intricate-looking wall mirror can be used to add light, drama, and interesting reflections. Take a look at your space and think beyond your bathroom and dressing room to arrange a wall mirror.

Do you want to know stylish ways to style a wall mirror? Let's find out:

Play as a focal point: Focal point of a room, whether it's the area above the bedroom, firewall, sidewall of the bedroom, prominent living room wall, or dining area wall, the focal point is always the first one to grab attention while you are living in the space or you are decorating one. Often people try prominent wall pieces like wall clocks and wall art, but why not wall mirrors? Try a mosaic mirror as the focal point of the room, from the entrance to the living room or bedroom, mirrors can be the great focal point objects for interiors.

Source of brightness:

Do you feel your living room or hallway or any other room is always dull despite using many lights? It might be because your interior or the walls are too dark to absorb light which makes it dull. Using a beautiful oval mirror can help you brighten up the space. Mirrors will perfectly reflect and scatter the light all over the place making it more lively and bright. The larger the mirror, the brighter your room will be. Moreover, you can manipulate both artificial and natural lights to emphasize the objects and lighting in space.

The illusion of the window:

Have a windowless room? Why not create the illusion of a window in your room? Clever trick to lighten the darkroom and create the illusion of a window with a mirror. Use a window-sized plain wall mirror and mimic the window frame as the outer part of the window. Arrange it in a room, on the left or right corner of the wall. You can create the illusion of light reflecting from the window and make your space look fun.

Play with shapes:

Don't just simply use a plain rectangular wall mirror and hang it on the wall, play a little with the shape, symmetry, and design of the mirrors. Try using a round wall mirror with a unique frame or a modern style or a mosaic mirror for different places. You will find tons of shapes, symmetries, and designs that can help you compliment your interiors differently. Each shape can give a different impact when placed differently. From creating the illusion of windows to the illusion of large space to using it as a focal point, different shaped mirrors will have a different impact. Moreover, the finish and outline of the framework are different. For instance, a modern and asymmetrical mirror looks more fun and aesthetic while a vintage mirror will give a more powerful and elegant impact.

Amazing wall art:

A combination of some mosaic wall mirrors arranged in a symmetrical or asymmetrical manner can help you form different aesthetics on the wall. You can also use vintage or intricately designed mirrors as wall art in your living room or staircase. A unique colorful mosaic wall mirror will look cool in the hallway, at or focal point of a prominent living room wall, or above the fireplace in replacement of wall art.

Interesting reflections: Reflection is the main function of mirrors, it's up to you how and what you want to reflect in a mirror. A beautiful intricately designed floor vase reflection looks perfect, a small arrangement of decor pieces looks good while a textured wall will look dull as there's no interesting reflection. On the other hand, clusters of scattered things on the floor or table might look bad in mirror reflection. What your oval wall mirror reflects will have an impact on the vibe of the room.

Wrap up:

These are some of the amazing ideas to style your mirrors at the office or at home. Pick your creative side, use these tips and style your home with unique mirrors to make it look more stunning and attention-grabbing. Play with different shapes and arrangements and create your unique style at home.

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