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DecorShore Mosaic Wall Decor Collection

Willing to Totally Rock Your Small Living Room With Mosaic Mirrors? Learn How!

It can be hard to decorate a small living room. This is especially true if your room feels small and boxy to you. However, if you've had trouble making your small living room feel like it has more space, you can use mosaic wall mirrors in clever and strategic ways to make the room feel bigger and brighter. Let's talk about some of the most creative ways to decorate a small living room with mosaic mirrors.

Position a mirror behind the furniture.

Rectangular mosaic mirrors placed over the sofa, behind a few chairs, or behind a console table can really make a small living room look bigger. For example, behind the two accent chairs, a big mirror from DecorShore makes the room feel big and open. In fact, it makes the room feel like it's twice as big.

Mirrors should be kept on the back of shelves:

Installing shelves with a mosaic mirror on the back is an interesting way to add depth or reflect light in interesting ways. When you put a mirror on the back, they suddenly feel twice as deep. They look like they have a lot more space than they really do. It's an optical trick that works like crazy.

Install home furnishings with mirrors:

Large pieces of furniture can make a small living room feel crowded and heavy. The problem is that everyone needs those bigger elements. If you need a big part of the furniture, you might want to think about getting a mirrored sideboard. Furniture with rectangular mosaic mirror sides looks almost see-through. Also, the reflection of the space around it does a lot to make important pieces look less clunky.

Utilize old mirrors:

If you want your home to have a vintage look, this tip is just what you need. A distressed mosaic mirror with a shabby chic look is the best way to add a vintage touch to a modern farmhouse or a classic traditional home. Try to find oval mosaic mirrors where the silvering is starting to wear off at estate sales or old shops. That will add a lot of personality and charm to your space.

Mirrored conceptual tiles as a piece of art:

You can get this look using round mosaic mirror tile from a hardware store or small decorative mirrors from a craft store. Start with small groups of tiles close together, and then add space between each one to make an appealing structure. It's a brilliant way to put mirrors on the wall in the living room. A plain wall will look very interesting and artistic if it goes from one size to the next in steps with mosaic mirror wall art.

A mosaic mirror should be hung in front of a window: You should put mirrors in front of the windows if you need the space to make a room more functional. It works great in small bedrooms that don't have room for makeup settings or in bathrooms where the windows are on the long wall. It's fun and shows that the people who live there aren't afraid to be creative with the space.

Put together 3 or more mirrors together with hinges:

A mirrored screen room divider can do something similar to what privacy screens do in small living rooms. The nice thing about mirrored screen dividers is that they also let you see yourself. You'll be able to reflect and direct light around the room, and they'll also help create depth. Each panel shows something different, and the view also changes depending on where you put the screen. You can buy such mosaic wall mirrors from our online store DecorShore

Mirror with an awning like an entrance:

Make a mosaic mirror wall art: This is an excellent idea for a boho look that will reflect light and add depth to a room. There are so many ways to put together a look that fits your style. This set has a classic boho mosaic mirror wall art look, but you can change the frame styles to make it look more modern or industrial. The point is that putting a group of mosaic mirrors on a wall in a gallery style will not only reflect light and create depth but also give any small living room an artistic touch.

Set a mirror on the roof:

This looks great on trey ceilings or ceilings with panels. It makes the space feel taller and also like there's a skylight above. By putting rectangular mosaic mirror panels in the spaces between ceiling panels, you can always take a simple design to the next level.

Summary: These were our best tips for making your living room mirrors look great. So when are you going to try them? It will help you enhance the beauty of your space and make it look more aesthetic and valuable.

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