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DecorShore Mosaic Wall Decor Collection

Mosaic Wall Mirror: Smart Tips and Tricks Revamping Your Home

Who doesn't want to live in an aesthetic home? We all want our home to look straight outside of Pinterest aesthetic pictures. But as much as they look cool, they are difficult to create. If you are one of those who need Pinterest, every time you add new home decor, we feel. Decorating your home with aesthetic vibes, maintaining a budget, and avoiding mistakes are not everyone's Cup of tea. But we have got you covered. You can use some smart tips and tricks to decorate your home with magic decor. Do you want to know what that magic decor is? A mosaic wall mirror. These gorgeously handcrafted mosaic mirrors are versatile decor to use.

Let's find out some smart ways to use them:

Pair with plants:

Whether you want to add a statement piece in your living room or fill up corners. An oval mosaic mirror paired with indoor plants look classy and expensive. You can add depth and character to the room. And you know the best part? The nature close to you, having plants indoors or outdoors can never go wrong. You can bring a touch of freshness to your space. The mirrors reflecting these plants look soothing and refreshing in any room.

Fake a window:

In a room with no windows, creating a fake window with mirrors will never go wrong. Combine mirrors of the same size and arrange them into a window. It's an interesting way to add character and life to your space. Well! If you are obsessed with yourself, the number of mirrors will be reduced. Check yourself out when roaming around your space. Moreover, the lights reflected by the mirror will brighten up your space and make the room feel bigger.

Eliminate negative space:

It's common for people to make the mistake of putting too many visual decorations in one place. It creates negative space in the room. More than decor, it looks like chaos. Leave empty space to first define the focal point. Fill your focal point using unique concepts like a decorative mosaic wall mirror. Arrange your furniture pieces that complement the entire decor and do not cluster the space. After you are done with this, you will be left with corners. Therefore, you can fill these corners with small items like vases or indoor plants. You will find each piece of furniture and decor has grace of its own in the room.

Experiment with unusual places:

Mirrors are used at focal points or predictable places most of the time. But you can experiment a little by placing them in unusable places. Like the above fireplace to cover up the empty wall or on the opposite wall of the fireplace to reflect stunning decor. If not, you can use a round mosaic mirror on the staircase like a gallery wall. Apart from that, if you have consoles, cover the wall above the console with unique colorful mosaic art. Mirrors framed with mosaic art will give you a vibrant look and you can enhance the beauty of your home

Right reflection:

It's not necessary to use mirrors in certain rooms like the dressing room, bathroom, near the bathroom, etc. You can use them in the foyer, hallway, living room, kitchen, bedroom; basically anywhere. But when you plan on using mirrors, just make sure the reflection is right. Sometimes people use mirrors in the right place, but the reflection makes the room unorganized.

For instance, a mirror in front of piles of clothes, or any material. A mirror reflects dirty furniture or broken furniture. Consequently, it will create a bad impression and dull vibes. Therefore, make sure to use mirrors with good reflection. You can also create reflections purposely. Like placing a mirror in front of a beautiful wall of art or the best piece of furniture. Your mosaic wall mirror reflecting indoor plants can also work.

Create balance:

Have you ever thought about using wall art or family pictures in the center surrounding mirrors? If not, try this. Place a large wall art or family picture at the focal point. Fill up the empty space around it with a small mosaic mirror. It's an interesting take on mirrors and a unique way to use them. Or you can create a balance with your other decorative.

Final Thoughts:

If you are planning to revamp your space this holiday season, use these tips. We are sure your space will look nothing short of a Pinterest aesthetic if you play a little. These tips are tried and tested, and the best part is you do not need to invest in expensive decor. Playing with mirrors in home decor can work wonders for you.

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