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DecorShore Mosaic Wall Decor Collection

Absolute Chic Ways to Style Mosaic Vase

Styling your home is never easy, there is always something going on. In the 21st century we move from one place to another and setting up a home is overwhelming. Whether it's furniture or home decor, making a perfect arrangement is not easy. You can find so many ways to decorate your space. And one such decor item is vases. Have you ever thought of using a floor vase as an aesthetic decor item? If not, now is the time. Get a stunning floor vase or use an existing one to style your home in some chic ways. Let's find out how.

Stuff the vase with creativity:

If you are aesthetically enthusiastic and often check out Pinterest, you might have seen this. A beautiful vase was placed in the corner of the living room near the windows, filled with branches. The vase has not innovated much in years, but ways to fill the vase have. Don't just stick to flowers to fill the vase. Make some innovations. Look around yourself, you will find something. Some creative heads create artificial flowers to put in the vase. So, you can use your creativity to fill the vase or use branches and leaves.

Friends with dishes:

How about pairing your vase with your dishware? You don't need to create a special space for a vase in the living room. Become friends with dishware in the dining hall. Place a stunning large mosaic vase in the dining room hall. Flowers or plants in the kitchen or near the dining hall are always a good idea. So, don't think much. Find a corner in your kitchen and enhance its beauty. The plants or flowers placed in the kitchen will bring refreshing and positive vibes.

Create an Instagram-worthy corner:

Let's just accept that we all want a corner in our house that's Instagram-worthy. Click your stunning photos whenever you go out. Mosaic floor vases could be a good idea to create that Instagram-worthy area. How? Pick a plain wall in your home, and place two mosaic vases in the corner. You can use one large and one small-sized vase placed at different levels in one place. Fill up the wall with small frames or you can use wood-illustrated or matte wallpaper. This minimal yet cute decor can be a perfect place for pictures. Mosaic vases are art in themselves, they are going to be an attractive part of the decor. Leave this place and do not make many changes; you will have your own studio-like place at home.

Upcycle and utility:

Who says vases can be used only for flowers or branches? Place anything you want in a vase to make it 2 in 1. For home decor as well as utility, you can place any long stick-like things in large vases. If you are using a small or medium-sized vase, you can fill it with stationary or kitchenware. Place the vase on the dining table and fill it up with herbs to use while eating. What's better than home decor offering utility? Moreover, you can add a pop of colour to your space as mosaic art is colourful.

Showcase as art:

We have already stated that mosaics are beautiful, vibrant art. You can use a Mosaic vase as a stunning art piece, creating a sophisticated look. These beautiful vases placed in the corner of the living room will give an expensive look to your space. You might have seen some places like offices or big mansions with large vases. These vases are usually empty. Why? Because they are used as art pieces, the beautifully intricate designs grab attention. Similarly, you can place an empty mosaic vase in the hallway, near the kitchen corner, foyer, doorway, or an empty corner near the staircase.

Blooms to shine :

Well! If you are not up for an experiment, Bloom's is always a cool option. Use beautiful flowers to fill in the vase for homely vibes. You can use a small or medium-sized vase placed in the corner of your bedroom. If you want, you can use it in the living room, near the fireplace, or in the kitchen. A vase filled with flowers is cliché, but always a good option.

Final Thoughts:

These are some chic and simple ideas for the vase in your home decor. If you do not want to go overboard with decor or invest in expensive products, vases are perfect. They enhance the beauty of your space and bring classy vibes. So, you can make your space look chic and beautiful. DecorShore can be a perfect place to get top quality mosaic vases.

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