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DecorShore Mosaic Wall Decor Collection

Perfectly Combining Design and Functionality, a Mosaic Wall Candle Holder is a Must Have

Mosaic wall candle holders are decorative fixtures that are usually placed in living rooms, hallways or foyers. Mosaic wall candle holders are available in various designs and colors. They are ideal for creating a warm atmosphere in a space where candles are frequently lit. There are three main types of mosaic wall candle holders: metal candle holder, stone and glass. Metal wall candle holders offer a modern design that complements both traditional and contemporary interiors. Stone wall candle holders are sturdy and provide a rustic appearance. Glass wall candle holders are elegant and can add elegance to spaces. They also increase the value of home and office decor. In addition, mosaic wall candle holders can create a focal point in a room and enhance the overall ambiance. To ensure that you select the perfect wall candle holder for your home,

Here are 5 tips that you might want to consider 

Consider Your Home Style:

Before purchasing wall candle holders, you must decide what type of interior decorating style you wish to achieve. Do you want to emphasize warmth or modernity? Is a minimalist approach more appealing to you than a bolder, more decorative style? Once you've decided what type of style you wish to achieve, you can narrow down your choices based on the color palette you plan to use. For example, if you'd rather stick to neutral tones, then white and gray would work nicely. Alternatively, if you'd like to incorporate a splash of red into your space, then you can pick a red wall candle holder instead.

Choose A Suitable Size:

You must also take size into consideration when shopping for wall candle holders. Wall candle holders come in several sizes, ranging from small to large. Small wall candle holders are typically designed for smaller areas, such as hallways and foyers. Larger wall candle holders are suitable for larger rooms, such as bedrooms. Before you purchase any wall candle holders, you should measure the area you intend to place the fixture in. Measure the width and height of the walls, then divide the total square footage by the number of feet per inch (e.g., 3' x 8" 24"). You can then determine the approximate amount of wall candle holders you need. If you find yourself short on space, then you may have to opt for an alternative solution such as placing a few wall sconces or candelabras throughout the room instead of one large wall candle holder.

Select The Right Color Palette:

When choosing wall candle holders, it is important to choose a color scheme that will complement other features in your room. For instance, if you have dark-colored furniture, then you may be better off selecting a wall sconce candle holder with lighter-toned shades. Similarly, if you have white walls, then you might prefer to pair them with darker colored candle holders. It's best to coordinate all the elements in your room so that each element enhances the others. This way, the entire space feels harmonious and cohesive.

Opt For Durability And Protection:

When shopping for decorative mosaic wall sconce, it's important to choose fixtures that are durable and capable of protecting against chipping and scratching. Many wall candle holders include a protective shell which covers the exterior surface of the fixture. While this does serve to protect the fixture from damage, it does not prevent the candle holder itself from being damaged. Additionally, many wall candle holders can cause damage to surrounding surfaces if they fall over. Therefore, it's imperative to shop around before making your final decision. Look at reviews online. Check out customer feedback as well as ratings from product manufacturers. Reviews tend to be more reliable than manufacturer ratings because people who write about their experiences usually do so honestly. They will tell you whether a particular brand of wall candle holder has been sturdy enough to last over time. However, keep in mind that most online reviewers have limited experience with certain products. So, make sure you read multiple opinions before deciding on a wall candle holder.  

Consider Your Lighting Needs:

If you plan on using the wall candle holder outdoors, you'll want to ensure that it is weatherproof. Check the label and look up its certification information online. Some wax candles emit smoke and/or odor when lit. If the decorative wall sconce you're considering emits these odors, then you probably won't want to use it outside. Additionally, if you plan on using the fixture indoors, you will need to consider how much light the wall candle holder needs. Most indoor wall candle holders require less light than outdoor ones. However, some are meant to illuminate a specific part of the room while others are intended to provide general lighting. Therefore, you'll want to pick a fixture based on what type of lighting you plan to employ.

Final Words:

DecorShore wall candle holders aren't just decorative additions to living spaces; they can lend a sense of style and elegance. However, you must first decide which kind you want when purchasing one. There are countless styles, colors and designs available, including those made specifically for Christmas. After you've selected the perfect fixture for your home, follow the tips above to help ensure the item lasts for years to come.

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