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DecorShore Mosaic Wall Decor Collection

DecorShore Modernismo - 32 in x 18 in Antique Art Nouveau Style Hand Carved Mango Wood Decorative Wall Mirror



The wonders of Modern Decorative Arts are captured with extreme artisanal skill in DecorShore’s newest addition to our luxury lineup of designer wall mirrors. Each exotic Mango Wood frame is hand-carved into an Art Nouveau Masterpiece with its whiplash curves and flowing, natural lines representing organic, botanical imagery. The hand-jointed carving is an evident work of an artist, no machine can create such unique carvings. Starting with a rectangular block of frame, our wood-working artisans carefully sculpt each linear contour to create the Japanese-style ornamental look popularized throughout the U.S. and Europe during the Industrial Revolution. Along with the great style influencers of the time; Van Gogh, Klimt, Gauguin, &  Hector Guimard, this distinctive period at the end of the Arts and Crafts movement produced some of the most unique designs in a distinctive style that is recognizable ‘round the globe despite its relatively brief period of production as a handcrafted art-form. The Art Nouveau style quickly became fashionable for production in textiles, wallpapers, art-prints & posters. These items, as opposed to sculptures & wood-workings, could be produced quickly, en masse. Finer artistic productions became too costly due to the extraordinary effort involved in creating such fine home furnishings. With such extravagant designs and attention to detail, such beautiful home decor became too expensive in an era that quickly gave way to mass production manufacturing via machine. Rarely available antique designs have been thoughtfully recreated and presented in the tradition of high-quality hand-craftsmanship.

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Material TypeWood & Glass
Mirror TypeWooden Mirror
  • Extremely rare Art Nouveau Design is Hand Carved into 100% Mango Wood and Finished with a Distressed Look in a Rich, Smokey Brown Shade
  • Each piece takes over 20 hours to fully complete and is extremely limited in availability.
  • Art Nouveau Masterpiece with its whiplash curves and flowing, natural lines featuring floral & botanical themes.
  • 32"x18.5" frame features 19" x 15" mirror and is perfect for use an over the mantel mirror, over a console table, replacement vanity table mirror, in the bathroom or powder room, entryway centerpiece and more.
  • Delicate Hand Carving Care: - dust with a microfiber cloth when necessary. Do not spray glass cleaner directly onto surface. Use a dry microfiber cloth or apply glass cleaner directly to microfiber cloth to clean spots and dirt.

It is an eye catching

To be a mirror at an entrance in my home


    This mirror is just stunning

    This mirror is just stunning. I got it for my bathroom but it would look amazing in any room. I absolutely love it and would recommend it.


      Beautiful hand-carving - sloppy paint job

      The wood carving design of the frame is really beautiful. BUT as mentioned in a previous review the white highlights were sloppy and just looked hastily done/ glopped on. I understand the purpose of using the white enamel in the relief cuts to show contrast/ depth / detail but it was executed poorly by whomever initially applied it. I ended up stripping the finish and the white enamel highlight paint off the frame and restained it myself. Now that those white highlights are gone the mirror is stunning. The overall quality of this mirror is very good and it only lost stars because I had to refinish the frame.


        What's up with the white sloppy highlights?

        It was packaged very well and I'm not really understanding why a previous review said the mirror was subpar but the mirror I received was perfectly fine it was the frame that I have an issue with. The picture portrays a carved brown wooden frame. The one I received has white highlights. I can sand it and make it look like the picture but I shouldn't have to do that for the price I paid. Also the white highlights are very sloppy



          The card that comes with this mirror claims it's handmade and it certainly has that look -- I don't know if you can see in the picture (and I don't know a lot about woodwork or shop), but the curves and etchings indicate that it is. My father is a woodwork enthusiast and I bet he'd like the craftwork in this mirror. The only downside (why I took off a star) is that the "glass" isn't real -- when you look into the mirror, you can see that slight distortion or warped look in the reflection that comes from fake glass. That is a major downside. Why take such a lovely, handcrafted mirror that took so much work and detail, only to finish it off with subpar glass? Especially for the price.... Otherwise, this is a lovely mirror and it makes a really nice accent/conversation piece. I'm glad I got it!

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